(Last updated 9:38 am CDT October 12th, 2021)

I’m Dwight Silverman, and I’ve been writing about personal technology since the mid-1980s, mostly for daily newspapers and mostly for the Houston Chronicle and, for brief period, for Forbes. This is my blog.

I kinda retired in August 2021 – this blog is the “kinda” part. I’ll be writing here from time to time as necessary.

More background: I first began writing about technology at the now-defunct San Antonio Light. I started working at the Chronicle in 1990 as an assistant state editor, then became the tech columnist and tech beat reporter in 1993. I had the honor of covering Houston’s Compaq Computer Corp. when it was the biggest computer company in the world. I also covered its dramatic fall from that position.

I was there with my keyboard for the birth of the World Wide Web and the development of the smartphone and the iPhone. I was on the committee at the Chronicle that launched its presence online in 1995, and in 2000 became’s first online news editor. Later, I helped launch and manage the website’s network of blogs, and spearheaded its early efforts on social media.

I also managed, the paper’s subscription site; launched and ran a personal-tech vertical called TechBurger; and returned to tech beat reporting and launched a newsletter, Release Notes.

After taking a buyout at the paper in 2021 with an eye toward semi-retirement, I was recruited by Forbes to take part in its Journalist Entrepreneur program, where I produced a paid newsletter (also called Release Notes). I ultimately decided that, yeah, I really did want to retire. So, here we are.

Throughout my career, the most important thing has been to be helpful. Explaining technology has fulfilled that need, and I plan to continue to do that – but at my pace, on my terms. This blog will be part of that. Stick around.

Dwight Silverman / September 2021